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New Logo, new willing 2016.09.09

Signification 1

Green and blue is the main tone of the new Pylontech log. Green and blue represent life and energy, which perfectly match the Pylontech consistent concept of providing the clean and environment friendly energy application globally.

Signification 2

The new Logo is a Rubik’s cube shape, which means the Pylontech home energy storage product is the modularized energy cube, can be deployed very flexible according to the requirements form the customer. This is the main highlight and advantage of Pylontech products and also is the trend technology for the future ESS.

Signification 3

The new Logo also represents the power internet, which can realize the intelligent operating and management, these are the future expectation and plan of Pylontech for the power network.

Signification 4

You can find new design for the O of Pylontech, it is like a compass to real north. It is meaning that Pylontech will keep and lead to right direction.

Signification 5

The deep change is happening now and will be realized gradually-as the gradient colour from green to blue, Pylontech will speed up the internationalization, the deliver and leading ESS globally.

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