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4.8kWh Energy System Installed in Australia

Date: 10.2018
Location: Australia
Purpose: Household Consumption
Config.:2*US2000B PLUS, 4.8kWh
Energy Source: PV

9.6kWh Energy System Installed in South Korea

Date: 11.2018
Location: South Korea
Purpose: Household Consumption
Config.: 4*US2000B PLUS, 9.6kWh
Inverter: Goodwe
Energy Source: PV

72 kWh Energy System Installed in Germany

Date: 7.2018
Location: Germany
Purpose: Household Consumption
Config.: 30*US2000B PLUS, 72kWh
Inverter: Victron
Energy Source: PV

28.8kWh Energy System Installed in South Africa

Date: 3.2019
Location: South Africa
Purpose: Household Consumption
Config.: 12*US2000B PLUS, 28.8kWh
Inverter: Mecer
Energy Source: PV

7.2kWh Energy Storage System installed in UK

Date: 3.2018
Location: UK
Purpose: Household Consumption
Config.: 3*US2000B PLUS, 7.2kWh
Inverter: Studer
Energy Source: PV

19.2kWh energy system installed in UK

Date: 11. 2016
Location: United Kingdom
Purpose: Household Consumption
Config.: 8*Phantoms, 19.2kWh
Energy Source: PV

28.8kWh off grid Energy System installed in Australia Farm

Customer Name: Fred & Dianne
Installation date: 22/02/2017
Installation Location: Storehouse, natural ventilation
Site location: 6 langly Ln, Mclntyre, VIC, Australia

40kWh Energy Storage System installed in South of Germany

Location: South of Germany
10kW Hybrid inverter in parallel, 40kW
PV Power: 40kW

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