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28.8kWh off grid Energy System installed in Australia Farm

Pylontech Battery Case Study - Farm Application

Customer Name: Fred & Dianne

Installation date: 22/02/2017

Installation Location: Storehouse, natural ventilation

Site location: 6 langly Ln, Mclntyre, VIC, Australia

System Review:

Battery: Pylontech US2000B *12, 28.8kWh;

Inverter: Selectronic SPMC482;

PV system: Phono Solar 11kW + ABB*2, full charge around 4 hours;

Load: basic energy consumption: 13~15kWh per day (roughly, including households, oven, water pump, amplifier…)

Pylontech Battery Recommended Settings:

Operation Temperature: 0~50℃;

Charging Voltage: 53.5~54V;

Discharge cut down voltage: 47V (about 20% SOC);

Charging/Discharging Peak Current: 100A (Power Cable: AWG No.4)

Continually Current: 25A per each battery module.

Actual Parameters Settings:


Charge Voltage: 53.5V;

High voltage alert: 54.1V;

High voltage Alert Clear: 54.0V

Discharge Voltage Cut: 47V

Current Limit: 130A (for whole system)

Over Temperature Protection: 50℃

No Communication, use voltage to control charge and discharge.

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